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Today is your lucky day because you have found a one-stop-shopping source for high quality aftermarket, seal kits, repair kits, and gasket sets. Read on to find out how you can save time and money.


Experience the satisfaction of finding the exact seal kits, repair kits, and or gasket sets that you need to get your equipment back online and producing again. Breakdowns are aggravating enough, without the hassle of not quickly finding what you need, and when you do find it, you don’t have to pay a premium for it. 

We carry a wide variety of  relevant and useful replacement parts to help you get your job done on time.

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You can depend on the reliability of our products to keep you productive. Why is that you may ask? One reason is, that our products are up to date and "state-of-the-art". You can trust that we use only the; highest quality, modern materials, and current design technology.

We are focused and Dedicated


Replacement parts, seal kits, repair kits, and gasket sets, is our only business.

Because we only make replacement parts and kits we have a narrow focus. We feel It allows us to make better parts that last longer. This means longer work cycles between maintenance periods and therefore more money in your bank account. 

The content of our repair kits and sets are specified by some of today's, top Engineers and Fluid Sealing Specialist. They are designed according to the latest advancements in fluid sealing technology, manufacturing and materials. You can always trust that we will meet or exceed the OEM specification.

If our quality is so great, how can we afford to sell for less?


The answer is quiet simple:

1) Massive direct buying power.

2) In-house manufacturing.

3) The trimming of the middleman.

             1+2+3 adds up to saving you time, and money.

Here is the bottom line - try us today and watch us go the extra mile for you